FMHA High Point Program

To participate in the FMHA High Point Program, all members must submit a completed Nomination Form to the High Point Chair disclosing the horse(s) that are competing and what divisions they are competing in for the coming year. If you do not fill out the form, the High Point Chair will not track your horse points for the designated High Point Shows, which are:

  • UPHA Spring Show
  • Gasparilla Charity Horse Show
  • Citrus Cup Regional
  • Dixie Cup
  • Summer Fun
  • Summers End

Be sure to download a copy of our High Point Rules below, so that you are familiar with our program. You must be a current member of FMHA for your horse show placings to count, so join today!

If you have questions regarding the High Point Awards or points, please contact our High Point Coordinator, Becca Watters via email.

Open, Exceptional, Carriage and Dressage Divisions: Those competing in these divisions must fill out and return the to High Point Chair  the Points and Records form with proper show result documentation no later than November 10th of the show year. The High Point Chair requires this form to be filled out in order for your points to count for the end of the year for the Open, Exceptional, Carriage and Dressage Divisions.

High Point Champions

Congratulations to our Champion and Reserve Champion High Point Award Winners of 2022! And accolades to every one of you who showed last year, we all know it takes a great commitment of time, energy and finances to show our horses and everyone should be proud that they competed.

Our complete list of High Point Champions can be found by the links below:

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