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Renew your membership BEFORE our 2019 FMHA Awards Banquet on January 26th and your name will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 VISA gift card!

You do not need to be present at the banquet event to win. We’ll be happy to mail your gift card to you.

Renew your membership HERE. If you mail in your dues instead of completing the online form, please make sure you mail it in time to be received no later than January 25th. Only dues received by our Treasurer before she leaves for the banquet will be entered into the drawing.

Find out more about the banquet HERE.

Don’t miss the 2019 FMHA High Point Banquet!

Join us in beautiful Ocala for the 2019 FMHA Banquet on Saturday, January 26th!

Your day begins with an informative Presentation and Open House at the new Cheri Barber Stables, 8125 NW 145th St., Reddick from 2pm until 4pm. There will be a changing room at the Holiday Inn if you want to wear casual clothes to Cheri’s, then change before the banquet.

Holiday Inn & Suites OcalaThen head over to the Holiday Inn Suites and Conference Center in Ocala (which is also our host hotel for the Summer’s End Show) for our banquet festivities!

SPECIAL RATES FOR FMHA MEMBERS: $125 for a standard room, use corporate rate number 100306057 when you click on the logo on the right to make your reservations.

PLEASE MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NO LATER THAN JANUARY 10, 2019 using the form below! Contact Deb Ferrell at if you have any questions about accommodations.

The banquet is $50 per person for adults, or $35 for kids under 12 years old. If you choose to mail your reservations, please make checks payable to FMHA and send to:

Allison Lockhart
FMHA Treasurer/Banquet
325 Gilley Mill Rd.
Webb, AL 36376

Please bring silent auction and raffle items!


5:00 pm – Cocktails
5:30 pm – Business Meeting
6:00 – Dinner
7:15 pm – Awards for kids
7:30 pm – Kids Gathering in Lobby
7:30 – Awards for Adults and Live Auction


  • Hors d’oeuvres (baked brie, fresh fruit, classic cheese & crackers selection)
  • Cash bar
  • Garden and caesar salad
  • Fresh baked rolls
  • Herb crusted chicken
  • Teriyaki glazed salmon
  • Green bean almondine
  • Mixed vegetable medley
  • Roasted potatoes
  • Alfredo pasta
  • Iced tea, coffee and water
  • Dessert: Mini decadent desserts, rich chocolate cake
2018 FMHA High Point Final Standings

It’s been a very good year for FMHA members and their Morgans! Posted below are the year-end point standings up to and including the Harvest Days Show. If you have any questions regarding your points, please contact our High Point Secretary, Becca Watters.

SAVE THE DATE: January 26, 2019 at the Holiday Inn & Suites in Ocala for our FMHA High Point Awards Banquet! More information coming soon…

REMINDER: In order to qualify for a year end award, you must show in at least TWO SHOWS in your division. This should explain why we have some divisions with no winners.

Walk/Trot Pleasure
CH: Quieara, Lily Whelpton – 45
RES: Triton Executive Suite, McKenzie Tate-Diaz – 32

Walk/Trot Equitation
CH: McKenzie Tate-Diaz – 57
RES: Lily Whelpton – 17

Pleasure Driving Open
CH: Trillion, Tami Johnson – 25

Western Pleasure Open
CH: RWJ Flash Gordon, Sally Anne Lyle – 27
RES: Artistic Elegance, Dell Mitchell – 24

Western Pleasure Amateur
CH: Graycliff Rimfire, Diane Tanguay – 19
TIED RES: Artistic Elegance, Dell Mitchell – 12
TIED RES: Sheridans Kaleidoscope, Laurie Faust – 12

Hunter Pleasure Open
CH: THK Wild Adonis, Mary Jean Bonfili – 58
RE: HPW Snap Chat, Sandy Ferrera – 13

Hunter Pleasure Junior Exhibitor
CH: Sunny Acres Constellation, Kate Healy – 40
RES: Slam Dunk, Victoria Coryn – 28

Park Harness
CH: Distinguished CH, Becky Wachholz – 15

English Pleasure Amateur
CH: Cimi’s Avante Garde CH, Casey Stein – 54

English Pleasure Junior Exhibitor
CH: JDS Gamepiece, Rachael Winograd – 23

Classic Pleasure Saddle Open
CH: LC Benzema, Caitlyn Katz – 21
RES: HVK Acclamation, Channing Therrien – 20

Classic Pleasure Junior Exhibitor
CH: ADC Last Man Standing, Victoria Coryn – 45

Equitation Hunter Seat
CH: Rachael Winograd – 56
RES: Victoria Coryn – 24

Equitation Western Seat
CH: Lisa Ann Hensley – 33

CH: All Hail To The Chief GCH – 19

Amateur Rider/Driver
TIED CH: Rebecca Watters – 44
TIED CH: Casey Stein – 44
RES: Tami Johnson – 20

Amateur Masters Rider/Driver
CH: Diane Tanguay – 10
RES: Dell Mitchell – 6

Amateur Ladies Rider/Driver
CH: Rebecca Watters – 20
RES: Dell Mitchell – 2

Junior Exhibitor Rider/Driver
CH: Victoria Coryn – 136
RES: Rachael Winograd – 120

2018 Summer’s End Stall Assignments

Updated 9-6-18 at 8:30 am

Image converted to PDF format.








All added classes are in red and bold. NOTE the Academy Schedule has been expanded.


2018 FMHA Mid-Year High Point Standings

Our FMHA members have been busy showing their horses and having a great time! Posted below are the mid-year point standings up to and including the Summer Fun Show. Good luck finishing out your year heading down the home stretch! If you have any questions regarding your points, please contact our High Point Secretary, Becca Watters.

We do need the Dressage and Exceptional Riders to send in their placings from their shows, as we do not have those show results available to us. So please send to Becca as soon as possible.

REMINDER: In order to qualify for a year end award, you must show in at least TWO SHOWS in your division. If you have an asterisk (*) next to your name, you have only exhibited at ONE show and require a second to qualify for high point.

Walk/Trot Pleasure
*HVK Marquise-26
*QVM Rocket Man-22
*Triton Executive Suite-20
*Like the Candy-6
*Fight Song -2

Walk/Trot Equitation
McKenzie Tate-Diaz-41
*Nathan Fernandez -4

Pleasure Driving Open

Pleasure Driving Amateur

Western Pleasure Open
RWJ Flash Gordon-24
*Graycliff Rimfire/Artistic Elegance-15
Grand Cru Happy Hour -6
Better Be Good to Me-2

Western Pleasure Amateur
*Fight Song-15
*Graycliff Rimfire/*Sheridans Kaleidoscope-14
Artistic Elegance-7
*KD Electra-4
*RWJ Flash Gordon-2

Hunter Pleasure Open
THK Wild Adonis-43
*Whispering Incognito-30
HPW Snap Chat-13
*Sunny Acres Constellation-9
*Slam Dunk-8
*Triton Executive Suite-5

Hunter Pleasure Amateur
Firemark Against All Odds-26
*Stone Pine Lilith-15

Hunter Pleasure Junior Exhibitor
Slam Dunk-28
Sunny Acres Constellation-18
*HPW Snapchat-4
*Mischief Squared-3

Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse
*HPW Snap Chat-10

Park Saddle
*Trebles Facebook-30
*Dragonsmeade Well Played-15
*Castleridge Que Sera CH-5

Park Harness
*Distinguished CH-15

English Pleasure Open
*Cimis Avante Garde-15
*ADC Last Man Standing-9

English Pleasure Amateur
Cimis Avante Garde-43

English Pleasure Junior Exhibitor
*Highover to the Nines-15

Classic Pleasure Saddle Open
*KD Tinsel Town-30
HVK Acclamation-20
*DBL F Future Perfect-12

Classic Pleasure- Junior Exhibitor
ADC Last Man Standing-45

Classic Pleasure Driving
*DBL F Future Perfect-30
*Gulfwind Center Court-9

Equitation Saddle Seat
*Victoria Coryn-9

Equitation Classic Saddle Seat
*Victoria Coryn- 30

Equitation  Hunter Seat
Rachel Winograd- 43
Victoria Coryn- 24
Gracie Weeks- 2

Equitation Western Seat
*Rachel Winograd- 20
*Lisa Ann Hensley- 18

*MLB The Ingenue GCH-20
*All Hail To The Chief GCH-4




Western Dressage Level 4 Added to Citrus Cup

Effective April 1st, there is a LEVEL 4 in Western Dressage, so we have added:

Class 230 – Western Dressage Level 4

Citrus Cup Splits Walk-Trot Pleasure Classes

Click here to download a REVISED 2018 Schedule

Due to the increasing number of Walk/Trot exhibitors, we are splitting the W/T Pleasure class:

  • Class 15A – Walk/Trot Western Pleasure 11 & Under
  • Class 29 – Walk/Trot Hunt Seat Pleasure 11 & Under
  • Class 30 – Walk/Trot Saddle Seat Pleasure 11 & Under
  • Class 104 – Walk/Trot Western Pleasure Championship 11 & Under
  • Class 108 – Walk/Trot Hunt & Saddle Seat Pleasure Championship 11 & Under
Citrus Cup Exhibitors helping Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald HouseOnce again, Citrus Cup Regional is inviting exhibitors to bring their unused hotel soaps, shampoos, conditioners and lotions, etc. to be donated to the Ronald McDonald House in Gainesville. Families that bring a child for medical help do not have extra funds and these small donations make a big impact on them.

Look for a collection box near the photographer’s table!

Silent Auction at the 2018 FMHA Banquet

Our silent auction table is growing in leaps and bounds with something for everyone! Below is just a partial list of the expected items that will be available for your bidding enjoyment.

  • Ride/Drive Lesson Package at Bobbin Hollow Equestrian Center in Ocala
  • Lovely hunter show bat with a wooden handle from Clearmeadow Stables
  • Half-Day of one-on-one learning with Tom Johnson at Costa Nova in Pierson
  • Dog Bonanza Basket from Becca Watters
  • Wine Basket from West Coast Morgans
  • Farm shoot with Tami Johnson of Masterworks Creative
  • Sales Listing for
  • Sales Listing for