2020 FMHA Awards Banquet on January 25th posted by on January 7, 2020

Saturday, January 25th at beautiful West Coast Morgans!

Location: 17126 Boy Scout Rd., Odessa, FL 33556

4:00 pm – FMHA Annual Meeting
5:00 pm – Cocktails (cash bar from 5-9pm)
5:30 pm – Dinner
7:00 pm – Awards for the kids
7:30 pm – Awards for adults
8-9:00 pm – Hay ride & bonfire


  • Hors ‘oeuvres – roasted meatballs au poivre, cheese display & crackers, tomato basil bruschetta crostini
  • Baked rosemary lemon chicken
  • Bolognese lasagna
  • Mashed potatoes with gravy
  • Orange & pecan glazed carrots
  • Iced tea, coffee
  • Assorted cookie trays

FOR MORE INFORMATION or with questions or issues, please contact John Hodson at 813-920-9870.

Cost is $60 each for adults and $40 each for kids under 12 years old. Purchase your tickets online by clicking here.

Mail your check with ticket information to:
Allison Lockhart
FMHA Treasurer/Banquet
325 Gilles Mill Rd.
Webb, AL 36376

Please bring silent auction and raffle items!

2019 FMHA High Point Mid-Year Standings posted by on September 10, 2019

Posted below are the mid-year point standings up to and including the Summer Fun Show and Dixie Cup Classic. Good luck finishing out your year heading down the home stretch! If you have any questions regarding your points, please contact our High Point Secretary, Becca Watters.

We do need the Open, Dressage and Exceptional Riders to send in their placings from their shows, as we do not have those show results available to us. So please send to Becca as soon as possible.

REMINDER: In order to qualify for a year end award, you must show in at least TWO SHOWS in your division. If you have an asterisk (*) next to your name, you have only exhibited at ONE show and require a second to qualify for high point.

Walk/Trot Pleasure
MEM Star Power -75
Magenta’s Mad Moonshine GCH – 60
RWF Paganini GCH – 57
French Flambeau GCH – 54
Tracemark Top Shelf GCH – 52
Triton Executive Suite – 32
Batali – 29
Fight Song – 22
QVM Rocket Man – 21
Gulfwind Annabelle Lee – 16
Equinox Dos Equis – 15
Katharina GCH – 13
Dragonfire Timeless – 6

Walk/Trot Equitation
Isabel Davis – 124
Amberleigh Payne – 79
McKenzie Tate-Diaz-66
Ella Kate Payne – 61
Nathan Fernandez – 8

Pleasure Driving Open
*JDS Game Piece – 15
*Archangel – 9
*Be My Moondancer – 5

Pleasure Driving Amateur

Western Pleasure Open
RJMF Supernatural – 56
RWJ Flash Gordon – 17
Grand Cru Happy Hour – 12
*Batali – 11
*Tracemark Top Shelf GCH – 10
*Artistic Elegance – 10
Fight Song – 9
*Magenta’s Mad Moonshine – 5

Western Pleasure Amateur
RJMF Supernatural – 55
Magenta’s Mad Moonshine – 46
RWJ Flash Gordon – 24
Positive Impact – 21
*Artistic Elegance – 10
Graycliff Rimfire – 7
*Quiera – 6
*Gulfwind Annabelle Lee – 2

Western Pleasure Junior Exhibitor
KD Electra – 45
Graycliff Rimfire – 8
Gulfwind Annabelle Lee – 3
*Quiera – 2

Western Pleasure Junior Horse
*RJMF Simply Defined – 30
*The Rookie – 15

Hunter Pleasure Open
Whispering Incognito GCH – 25
Seaway Absolutely – 22
HPW Snap Chat – 22
*Playmor’s Here’s Johnny GCH – 13
*Amairra – 9
*Game Date – 6
*THK Wild Adonis – 6
*Pomp & Circumstance – 5
*Sarde’s Satisfaction – 5
*LFS Cleopatra – 1

Hunter Pleasure Amateur
*Cabot French Factor – 15
*Eloquence – 5
*Seeway Absolutely – 5

Hunter Pleasure Junior Exhibitor
The Mastercraft SS – 31
Sunny Acres Constellation – 20
PJK Shamrock Spirit – 16
Sarde’s Satisfaction – 15
Slam Dunk – 15
AW Disturbing The Peace – 12
*Kinzu Kelsa – 11
*Triton Executive Suite – 5
*Mischief Squared – 3
*Stone Pine Dana – 2

Park Saddle
Archangel – 55

English Pleasure Open
*JDS Gamepiece – 10
*Cimi’s Avant Garde GCH – 5

English Pleasure Amateur
Cimi’s Avante Garde – 48
JDS Gamepiece – 41

English Pleasure Junior Exhibitor
*KJM Five Star – 15

Equitation Saddle Seat
Rachel Winograd – 25

Equitation  Hunter Seat
Skyler James – 62
Rachel Winograd – 44
Danielle James – 29
*Lilly Whelpton – 6
*Gracie Weeks – 2

All Hail To The Chief GCH – 36
*Silver Lake In Line – 20

Aikanes Pair Of Aces – 20
Kandles Legenda – 20
Aerie Meadow Yuriel – 10
Ledyard Oban – 10
Like The Candy – 10
Ancan Final Seconds – 6
Nonesuch A Glance – 5

Open Competition
Nonesuch A Glance – 5
Slick Opportunity – 2

Book your room for Summer’s End NOW! posted by on July 26, 2019

If you’ve already booked a room at the Holiday Inn in Ocala, please CANCEL and rebook at the Hilton Ocala, our new host hotel!

Room rates are $99 for FMHA Summer’s End Show, dogs are welcome and you’ll receive an $8 credit for breakfast, as well as entry to the Executive Lounge on weekdays from 4-8 pm for free hors d’oeurves!

Visit their website at www.hiltonocala.com for your reservations, or call them at 352-854-1400.

Dixie Cup 2019 Show posted by on March 15, 2019

The Board of Directors of the Dixie Cup Spring Classic is pleased to announce their panel of judges for 2019.

Shane Mullens of Verrsailles, KY has agreed to judge the Saddlebred, Roadster, Saddle Seat Equitation, Ponies and selected miscellaneous classes.

Melissa Moore of Versailles, KY will be adjudicating Morgans, Hunter and western performance and equitation, Opportunity and miscellaneous classes.

The class schedule will include breed, performance, miscellaneous classes, as well as USEF and Morgan AMHA Medal classes. They will also have Pony Measurement times available before the show starts.

Peyton Hamilton and Adam Hensley will be handling Center Ring. The 2019 class schedule and entry blank will be online this week at www.TheDixieCup.com.

For more information or a request to be added to the mailing list, please contact Barbara Goda or Paula Yeska.

You’re Invited to Erlene’s Birthday Party! posted by on February 13, 2019

Erlene Smythe and Cavallino Farms invites you to celebrate the kickoff of the 2019 show season at Erlene’s BIRTHDAY BASH!

Saturday, March 2nd from 2-4 pm at:

Cavallino Farms
10375 60th St.
Pinellas Park, FL

Win a $50 VISA Gift Card for renewing your FMHA Membership! posted by on December 1, 2018

Renew your membership BEFORE our 2019 FMHA Awards Banquet on January 26th and your name will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 VISA gift card!

You do not need to be present at the banquet event to win. We’ll be happy to mail your gift card to you.

Renew your membership HERE. If you mail in your dues instead of completing the online form, please make sure you mail it in time to be received no later than January 25th. Only dues received by our Treasurer before she leaves for the banquet will be entered into the drawing.

Find out more about the banquet HERE.

Don’t miss the 2019 FMHA High Point Banquet! posted by on November 28, 2018

Join us in beautiful Ocala for the 2019 FMHA Banquet on Saturday, January 26th!

Your day begins with an informative Presentation and Open House at the new Cheri Barber Stables, 8125 NW 145th St., Reddick from 2pm until 4pm. There will be a changing room at the Holiday Inn if you want to wear casual clothes to Cheri’s, then change before the banquet.

Holiday Inn & Suites OcalaThen head over to the Holiday Inn Suites and Conference Center in Ocala (which is also our host hotel for the Summer’s End Show) for our banquet festivities!

SPECIAL RATES FOR FMHA MEMBERS: $125 for a standard room, use corporate rate number 100306057 when you click on the logo on the right to make your reservations.

PLEASE MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NO LATER THAN JANUARY 10, 2019 using the form below! Contact Deb Ferrell at djferrell@hotmail.com if you have any questions about accommodations.

The banquet is $50 per person for adults, or $35 for kids under 12 years old. If you choose to mail your reservations, please make checks payable to FMHA and send to:

Allison Lockhart
FMHA Treasurer/Banquet
325 Gilley Mill Rd.
Webb, AL 36376

Please bring silent auction and raffle items!


5:00 pm – Cocktails
5:30 pm – Business Meeting
6:00 – Dinner
7:15 pm – Awards for kids
7:30 pm – Kids Gathering in Lobby
7:30 – Awards for Adults and Live Auction


  • Hors d’oeuvres (baked brie, fresh fruit, classic cheese & crackers selection)
  • Cash bar
  • Garden and caesar salad
  • Fresh baked rolls
  • Herb crusted chicken
  • Teriyaki glazed salmon
  • Green bean almondine
  • Mixed vegetable medley
  • Roasted potatoes
  • Alfredo pasta
  • Iced tea, coffee and water
  • Dessert: Mini decadent desserts, rich chocolate cake

2018 FMHA High Point Final Standings posted by on November 20, 2018

It’s been a very good year for FMHA members and their Morgans! Posted below are the year-end point standings up to and including the Harvest Days Show. If you have any questions regarding your points, please contact our High Point Secretary, Becca Watters.

SAVE THE DATE: January 26, 2019 at the Holiday Inn & Suites in Ocala for our FMHA High Point Awards Banquet! More information coming soon…

REMINDER: In order to qualify for a year end award, you must show in at least TWO SHOWS in your division. This should explain why we have some divisions with no winners.

Walk/Trot Pleasure
CH: Quieara, Lily Whelpton – 45
RES: Triton Executive Suite, McKenzie Tate-Diaz – 32

Walk/Trot Equitation
CH: McKenzie Tate-Diaz – 57
RES: Lily Whelpton – 17

Pleasure Driving Open
CH: Trillion, Tami Johnson – 25

Western Pleasure Open
CH: RWJ Flash Gordon, Sally Anne Lyle – 27
RES: Artistic Elegance, Dell Mitchell – 24

Western Pleasure Amateur
CH: Graycliff Rimfire, Diane Tanguay – 19
TIED RES: Artistic Elegance, Dell Mitchell – 12
TIED RES: Sheridans Kaleidoscope, Laurie Faust – 12

Hunter Pleasure Open
CH: THK Wild Adonis, Mary Jean Bonfili – 58
RE: HPW Snap Chat, Sandy Ferrera – 13

Hunter Pleasure Junior Exhibitor
CH: Sunny Acres Constellation, Kate Healy – 40
RES: Slam Dunk, Victoria Coryn – 28

Park Harness
CH: Distinguished CH, Becky Wachholz – 15

English Pleasure Amateur
CH: Cimi’s Avante Garde CH, Casey Stein – 54

English Pleasure Junior Exhibitor
CH: JDS Gamepiece, Rachael Winograd – 23

Classic Pleasure Saddle Open
CH: LC Benzema, Caitlyn Katz – 21
RES: HVK Acclamation, Channing Therrien – 20

Classic Pleasure Junior Exhibitor
CH: ADC Last Man Standing, Victoria Coryn – 45

Equitation Hunter Seat
CH: Rachael Winograd – 56
RES: Victoria Coryn – 24

Equitation Western Seat
CH: Lisa Ann Hensley – 33

CH: All Hail To The Chief GCH – 19

Amateur Rider/Driver
TIED CH: Rebecca Watters – 44
TIED CH: Casey Stein – 44
RES: Tami Johnson – 20

Amateur Masters Rider/Driver
CH: Diane Tanguay – 10
RES: Dell Mitchell – 6

Amateur Ladies Rider/Driver
CH: Rebecca Watters – 20
RES: Dell Mitchell – 2

Junior Exhibitor Rider/Driver
CH: Victoria Coryn – 136
RES: Rachael Winograd – 120

2018 Summer’s End Stall Assignments posted by on September 4, 2018

Updated 9-6-18 at 8:30 am

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