Congratulations to all of our 2021 FMHA High Point Champions!

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English Pleasure Open
Champion – Zwee, Deborah Ligas

English Pleasure Amateur
Champion – Cimi’s Avant Garde GCH, Casey Stein

English Pleasure Junior Exhibitor
Champion – Ledyard Code Red, Linda Braddon

Hunter Pleasure Open
Champion – Whispering Incognito GCH, Jill Yerger
Reserve Champion (tie) – MJYS Standing Out, Emma Banks
Reserve Champion (tie) – Positive Impact, Rebecca Watters

Hunter Pleasure Amateur
Champion – HyLee’s Reflection, Deborah Ligas
Reserve Champion – SPR Second Chance, Linda Braddon

Hunter Pleasure Junior Exhibitor
Champion – UVM Ultimate, Gracie Paggio
Reserve Champion – THK Wild Adonis, Betty Gray

Pleasure Driving Amateur
Champion – Treble’s Facebook, Felicia & Frank Schlemmer

Western Pleasure Open
Champion – JDS Soloist, Jim Little & Stacey Resler
Reserve Champion – RWJ Flash Gordon, Sally Ann Lyle

Western Pleasure Amateur
Champion – Grand Cru St. Emillion, Karen Davis
Reserve Champion – Mizz Ou LaLa, Linda Braddon

Western Pleasure Amateur Masters
Champion – RWJ Flash Gordon, Sally Ann Lyle

Western Pleasure Junior Exhibitor
Champion – Mischief Squared CH, Anne & Glenn Winograd

Western Equitation
Champion – Margaret AnnaGrace Wilson

Walk-Trot Pleasure
Champion – Triton Executive Suite, McKenzie Catherine Tate-Diaz
Reserve Champion – FMHF Kaboom CH, The Hoskins Family

Walk-Trot Equitation
Champion – Lilian Seals
Reserve Champion – Maya Hoskins

Hunt Seat Equitation
Champion – McKenzie Tate Diaz
Reserve Champion – Rachel Winograd

Amateur Rider/Driver
Champion – Linda Braddon
Reserve Champion – Channing Therrien

Junior Exhibitor Rider/Driver
Champion – Bailey Braddon
Reserve Champion – Margaret AnnaGrace Wilson

Open Competition
Champion – Valley View Dakota Gold, Janice Scotto
Reserve Champion – Whispering Suite Image GCH, Betty Gray

Champion – Nonesuch At A Glance, Jeanette & Ansley Singleton
Reserve Champion – Valley View Dakota Gold, Janice Scotto

Exceptional Challenge
Champion – Kathy Gray
Reserve Champion – William Ordway