It’s been a very good year for FMHA members and their Morgans! Posted below are the year-end point standings up to and including the Harvest Days Show. If you have any questions regarding your points, please contact our High Point Secretary, Becca Watters.

SAVE THE DATE: January 26, 2019 at the Holiday Inn & Suites in Ocala for our FMHA High Point Awards Banquet! More information coming soon…

REMINDER: In order to qualify for a year end award, you must show in at least TWO SHOWS in your division. This should explain why we have some divisions with no winners.

Walk/Trot Pleasure
CH: Quieara, Lily Whelpton – 45
RES: Triton Executive Suite, McKenzie Tate-Diaz – 32

Walk/Trot Equitation
CH: McKenzie Tate-Diaz – 57
RES: Lily Whelpton – 17

Pleasure Driving Open
CH: Trillion, Tami Johnson – 25

Western Pleasure Open
CH: RWJ Flash Gordon, Sally Anne Lyle – 27
RES: Artistic Elegance, Dell Mitchell – 24

Western Pleasure Amateur
CH: Graycliff Rimfire, Diane Tanguay – 19
TIED RES: Artistic Elegance, Dell Mitchell – 12
TIED RES: Sheridans Kaleidoscope, Laurie Faust – 12

Hunter Pleasure Open
CH: THK Wild Adonis, Mary Jean Bonfili – 58
RE: HPW Snap Chat, Sandy Ferrera – 13

Hunter Pleasure Junior Exhibitor
CH: Sunny Acres Constellation, Kate Healy – 40
RES: Slam Dunk, Victoria Coryn – 28

Park Harness
CH: Distinguished CH, Becky Wachholz – 15

English Pleasure Amateur
CH: Cimi’s Avante Garde CH, Casey Stein – 54

English Pleasure Junior Exhibitor
CH: JDS Gamepiece, Rachael Winograd – 23

Classic Pleasure Saddle Open
CH: LC Benzema, Caitlyn Katz – 21
RES: HVK Acclamation, Channing Therrien – 20

Classic Pleasure Junior Exhibitor
CH: ADC Last Man Standing, Victoria Coryn – 45

Equitation Hunter Seat
CH: Rachael Winograd – 56
RES: Victoria Coryn – 24

Equitation Western Seat
CH: Lisa Ann Hensley – 33

CH: All Hail To The Chief GCH – 19

Amateur Rider/Driver
TIED CH: Rebecca Watters – 44
TIED CH: Casey Stein – 44
RES: Tami Johnson – 20

Amateur Masters Rider/Driver
CH: Diane Tanguay – 10
RES: Dell Mitchell – 6

Amateur Ladies Rider/Driver
CH: Rebecca Watters – 20
RES: Dell Mitchell – 2

Junior Exhibitor Rider/Driver
CH: Victoria Coryn – 136
RES: Rachael Winograd – 120