Due to the impending hurricane, the show schedule has been REVISED to begin on Thursday evening. CLICK HERE to download the revised schedule.

We are moving the start time of the show to Thursday evening. We will then run three sessions on Friday and one on Saturday morning. IF AT ANY TIME, management deems necessary, we will cancel remaining classes and send everyone home. We cannot move the show date (no availability) and cancelling entirely will leave some horses unqualified for the Grand National. We hope this option will work for everyone. There will be NO EXCEPTIONAL CLASSES, this division has been cancelled. The Academy session will remain on Saturday afternoon (although it may ultimately be cancelled). EventMix will not be attending for photos/video, however, Tami Johnson will try to step in where possible and will post proofs online at Download the new schedule using the link above.

The Saturday night party is cancelled. The show will provide food/refreshments on Friday. There will not be a progressive party, however, feel free to party on your own in the aisles!

DUE TO THE LIVESTOCK PAVILION TAKING ON EVACUATED HORSES FROM DOWN SOUTH, and of course due to the number of barns that have already cancelled out, we have moved everyone forward on the stall charts. Please note the latest version of the stall chart posted below. We apologize for your stalls not being “the usual”, but we needed to leave the back of the barn open for them to bring in the displaced horses (all of which will have current Coggins, etc.). If you pre-ordered bedding, it will be in front of your stalls tonight, so you should be able to move in anytime tomorrow.

ALSO NOTE: The main ring will not be available to work horses on Wednesday evening. You will be able to get back in there on Thursday morning. You will be able to use the outdoor rings.

2017 Summer’s End Stall Chart (click image for a larger version)

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