Summer’s End Progressive Party In Full Swing! posted by on September 1, 2017

Our 2017 Summer’s End Progressive Party is in full swing with many of the slots filled! This year’s theme is TEAMWORK, so please try to decorate around our theme.

Signed up so far are:

  • Clearmeadow/Karen Barber-Gardner for appetizers
  • Rosewood Farm for appetizers
  • EventMix for appetizers
  • Rick Davis Stables for salad
  • Cheri Barber Stables for drinks
  • West Coast Morgans for desserts
  • Gervasio Pleasure Horses for desserts
  • Costa Nova for main course
  • West Coast Morgans for main course

If you know what team you’re supporting, please post it to Facebook page!

Final Schedule for Summer’s End Horse Show posted by on August 27, 2017

Click here for a revised prize list.

We still need people to sign up for Salads, Drinks and Apps for our Progressive Party on Friday Evening. Click here to sign up!

Below is the final schedule for the 2017 Summer’s End Horse Show, which includes a few class changes and additions (see bold).

Friday, Sept. 8, 9:00 AM – Main Arena
1. Morgan Western Pleasure Jr. Horse
2. Morgan Hunt Seat Equitation, 13 & Under
3. Morgan Classic Pleasure Saddle Open
4. ASB Show Pleasure Driving
5. Morgan Hunter Pleasure Ladies
6. ASB Three-Gaited Park Open
7. Morgan Pleasure Driving Junior Horse
8. ASB Western Country Pleasure Open
9. Morgan Saddle Seat Equitation 17 & Under
10. Morgan Western Pleasure Open
11. Morgan Classic Pleasure Saddle Jr. Exhibitor
12. ASB Hunter Country Pleasure Amateur/Jr. Exhibitor
13. Morgan English Pleasure Ladies
14. Morgan Western Seat Equitation 17 & Under
15. ASB Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Amateur/Jr. Exhibitor
16. Opportunity Western Pleasure Open
17. Morgan Classic Pleasure Driving Junior Horse
18. USEF English Pleasure Saddle Seat
19. Morgan Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse
20. ASB Three-Gaited Open
21. Morgan Pleasure Driving Open
22. ASB Country Pleasure Driving Amateur/Jr. Exhibitor
23. USEF English Pleasure Hunter Seat
24. Morgan Western Pleasure Amateur
25. ASB 5-Gaited Pleasure Amateur/Jr. Exhibitor
26. Opportunity Pleasure Driving
27. Morgan Western Pleasure Ladies Amateur

Friday, Sept. 8, 4:00 PM – Main Arena
Exceptional Challenge Classes
901. Exceptional Challenge Walk/Jog Western Showmanship
902. Exceptional Challenge Walk/Jog Western Equitation
903. Exceptional Challenge Walk/Trot English Showmanship
904. Exceptional Challenge Walk/Trot English Equitation
905. Exceptional Challenge Walk/Trot/Canter English Showmanship
906. Exceptional Challenge Walk/Trot/Canter English Equitation
907. UPHA Exceptional Challenge Cup
907A. UPHA Exceptional Challenge Cup with Assistance
908. Exceptional Challenge Pleasure Driving
909. Exceptional Challenge Walk/Trot Pole Bending
910. Exceptional Challenge Walk/Trot/Canter Pole Bending
911. Exceptional Challenge Walk/Trot Barrel Racing
912. Exceptional Challenge Walk/Trot/Canter Barrel Racing

Friday, Sept. 8, 7:00 PM – Main Arena
28. Morgan Western Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor
29. Morgan Classic Pleasure Driving Open
30. Saddle Seat Equitation
31. Morgan Walk/Trot ENGLISH Pleasure, 11 & Under, Any Seat
32. Carriage Pleasure Driving Turnout
33. Morgan Hunt Seat on the Flat Equitation 14-17
34. ASB Western Country Pleasure Amateur/Jr. Ex
35. Morgan Hunter Pleasure Open
36. Opportunity Senior Horse Pleasure (horses 18 & over)
37. Morgan English Pleasure Amateur
38. Morgan Western Pleasure Ladies
39. Morgan Hunter Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor 13 & Under
40. Morgan English Pleasure Open
41. ASB Park Pleasure Open
42. Morgan English Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor
43. Morgan Classic Equitation 17 & Under
44. Morgan Hunter Pleasure Limit Horse
45. Opportunity Walk/Trot Pleasure, Any Seat, Any Age
46. Morgan Western Pleasure Amateur Masters
47. Morgan Hunter Pleasure Youth
48. Morgan English Pleasure Junior Horse
49. Morgan Amateur Hunter Pleasure
50. Morgan Walk-Jog Western Pleasure, 11 & Under

After the evening session — This year’s theme: TEAMWORK!
Sign up using the link at or on Facebook!

Saturday, Sept. 9, 9:00 AM – Main Arena
51. AMHA Western Seat Medal Class
52. Morgan Western Pleasure Jr. Horse Championship
53. ASB Show Pleasure Driving Championship
54. Morgan Hunter Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor 14-17
55. Opportunity Pleasure Driving Championship
56. AMHA Hunt Seat On The Flat Medal Class
57. USEF English Pleasure Saddle Seat Championship
58. ASB Western Country Pleasure Amateur/Jr Ex Championship
59. Morgan Pleasure Driving Jr. Exhibitor 17 & Under
60. Opportunity Rescue Horse Walk/Trot Pleasure
61. ASB Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Amateur/Jr. Exhibitor
62. USEF English Pleasure Hunter Seat Championship
63. AMHA Saddle Seat Medal Class
64. Morgan Pleasure Driving Amateur
65. ASB Three-Gaited Park Jackpot Championship
66. ASB Park Pleasure Amateur
67. Morgan Pleasure Driving Junior Horse Championship
68. Morgan Walk-Trot ENGLISH Equitation 11 & Under, Any Seat
69. Carriage Pleasure Driving Working
70. Carriage Pleasure Driving Reinsmanship
71. Morgan Walk-Trot Western Equitation, 11 & Under

30 Minutes After Morning Session, but not before 1:00 PM
301. Academy Lead Line, 8 Yrs Old & Under
302. Academy Walk/Trot on the Line, 8 & Under
303. Academy Walk/Trot/Canter Showmanship, Any Age, Any Seat
304. Academy Walk/Trot/Canter Equitation, Any Age, Any Seat
305. Academy Walk/Trot Showmanship, 18 & Over, Any Seat
306. Academy Walk-Trot Equitation, 18 & Over, Any Seat
307. Academy Walk-Trot Saddle Seat Showmanship, 11-17 Yrs
308. Academy Walk/Trot Saddle Seat Equitation, 11-17 Yrs
309. Academy WalkTrot Hunt/Western Showmanship, 11-17 Yrs
310. Academy WalkTrot Hunt/Western Equitation, 11-17 Yrs
311. Academy WalkTrot Hunt/Western Showmanship, 10 & Under
312. Academy Walk/Trot Hunt/Western Equitation, 10 & Under
313. Academy Walk/Trot Saddle Seat Showmanship, 10 Yrs Old & Under
314. Academy Walk/Trot Saddle Seat Equitation, 10 Yrs Old & Under
315. Academy Driving

5:00 PM in the Pavillion
EXHIBITORS PARTY – 5:30 PM in the Pavillion Sponsored by The Fiver

Saturday, Sept. 9, 7:00 PM – Main Arena
72. Morgan Walk-Trot ENGLISH Pleasure Championship
73. Morgan Hunter Pleasure Amateur Championship
74. Morgan English Pleasure Jr. Horse Championship
75. ASB Three-Gaited Jackpot Championship
76. Morgan Classic Pleasure Driving Jackpot Championship
77. Opportunity Western Pleasure Championship
78. Morgan Pleasure Driving Amateur/Jr. Exhibitor Championship
79. ASB Five-Gaited Pleasure Amateur/Jr. Exhibitor Championship
80. Morgan Saddle Seat Equitation Championship
81. Morgan Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse Championship
82. ASB Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Amateur/Jr. Exhibitor Championship
83. Morgan Road Hack, Any Seat
84. Morgan English Pleasure Open Jackpot Championship
85. Morgan Hunt Seat On The Flat Equitation Championship
86. Saddle Seat Equitation Championship
87. Morgan Western Pleasure Amateur/Jr Exhibitor Championship
88. Morgan Classic Equitation Championship
89. Opportunity Saddle Seat Pleasure Charity Challenge
90. Morgan Park Saddle

Sunday, Sept. 10, 8:00 AM – Main Arena
91. Carriage Pleasure Driving Timed Obstacles
92. Carriage Pleasure Driving Gambler’s Choice Obstacles

Sunday, Sept. 10, 9:00 AM – Main Arena
92A. Morgan Walk-Jog Western Pleasure Championship, 11 & Under
93. Morgan Western Pleasure Jackpot Championship
94. ASB Country Pleasure Driving Amateur/Jr. Exhibitor Championship
95. Morgan Hunter Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor Championship
96. Morgan Pleasure Driving Open Jackpot Championship
97. Opportunity Walk/Trot Pleasure Championship
98. Morgan English Pleasure Amateur/Jr Exhibitor Championship
99. ASB Country Hunter Pleasure Championship
100. Morgan Walk-Trot ENGLISH Equitation Championship
101. Morgan Classic Pleasure Saddle Jackpot Championship
102. Morgan Western Seat Equitation Championship
103. ASB Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Amateur/Jr. Exhibitor Championship
104. Morgan Hunter Pleasure Jackpot Championship
105. ASB Park Pleasure Jackpot Championship

2017 FMHA Mid-Year High Point Standings posted by on August 16, 2017

Our FMHA members have been busy showing their horses and having a great time! Posted below are the mid-year point standings up to and including the Summer Fun Show. Good luck finishing out your year heading down the home stretch! If you have any questions regarding your points, please contact our High Point Secretary, Diane Tanguay.

REMINDER: In order to qualify for a year end award, you must show in at least TWO SHOWS in your division.

























National Day of the Morgan is coming! posted by on August 5, 2017

Is your Florida barn participating in AMHA’s National Day of the Morgan? We hope so! Below is a list of the barns that have signed up to welcome visitors on October 28, 2017 to introduce them to our wonderful Morgan Horses. If you have not yet signed up, but would like to open your barn to the public on this special day, more information is available at the AMHA website.

Bobbin Hollow Farm    352-591-1033
Lark Rene Henry
8990 NW 187th Lane
Reddick, FL  32689

Cheri Barber Stables   352-286-5400
Contact: Deb Ferrell-678-617-9276
8125 NW 145th Street
Reddick, FL  32686

Costa Nova    772-812-9729
Joao Fernandes, Claudio Moriera, Owners
Tom Johnson, Trainer
980 Still Road
Pierson, FL  32180

Stoney Point Morgans    770-883-8151
Pat West & William Shean
6190 NW 110th Street
Reddick, FL   32686

West Coast Morgans     813-920-9870
Anne & Glenn Winograd, Owners
Valarie Siemer, Trainer
17126 Boy Scout Rd.
Odessa, FL  33556

Whispering Oaks Equestrian Center   813-409-5272
John & Janice Scotto, Owners
Janice Scott & Sophia Tedrowe, Trainers
7631 Gardner Rd.
Tampa, FL   33625

Summer’s End Prize List now available! posted by on June 17, 2017

The prize list and entry forms for the 2017 Summer’s End Horse Show on September 8-10th are now available. We will not be mailing out booklets this year, so go to the horse show page to download a prize list booklet, show schedule and entry form.

Entries close on August 25th and our host hotel is the Holiday Inn Ocala, so make your plans early!

Our judge this year is Alicia Owens, Scottfield Stables, Lenhartsville, PA, and the Exceptional classes on Friday afternoon will be officiated by Terri Libera of Williston, FL.

2017 Summer’s End Progressive Party posted by on June 13, 2017


SIGN UP for the 2017 Summer’s End Progressive Party! We have a great theme this year, so I’m getting this out early so you can all plan your tables!

Our theme is TEAMWORK!

Choose your favorite sports team and build your menu around it! For example, if your favorite team is the Washington Redskins, decorate with Redskins colors and accessories and offer redskin potato salad and roasted corn on the cob. Or if it’s the St. Louis Blues Hockey Team, offer drinks made with blue curacao over ice! Or the Manchester United Soccer Team, make it British pub food! Sign up early so we can promote your theme on a flyer distributed before and during the horse show.

2017 Summer Fun Show posted by on May 11, 2017

It’s almost time for the 2017 SUMMER FUN HORSE SHOW!

By Pam Roush & Mary Jo Schmidt — The Summer Fun Horse Show is a month away and we are ready! There are lots of fun things planned for the weekend, and Grand Oaks Equestrian Resort is happy to help with reserving carriage rides, reservations at the Bistro, and anything else you would like to do on the grounds. We highly recommend the carriage drive, Bud and Weiser the Clydesdales will take you all around the grounds and they tell you about the horses there. Last year, we met the Friesian Horses  that were used in the Hunger Games movies.
Our exhibitor luncheon will be in the banquet hall with free tickets to the carriage museum, which is also a must-see. Additional tickets can be purchased in the office as you register. We look forward to a great show with John Goda as our judge and with John Owens as our announcer, it will be entertaining! We are about sold out on stalls as well, from the response we are getting it will be a nice crowd with some new barns attending this year. We have the TBA classes if needed, as of yet they are all open, but we will update the class list as we fill the TBA classes. We have beautiful pewter trophies this year and, as usual, our long neck ribbons for Champions and Reserve Champions.
We have a few new ways to promote your horses this year. We are offering the banners again that were such a hit at the Gasparilla Horse Show. For $100 a banner, you can customize it and take it home after the horse show. Photos and logos are due by May 27th (a Saturday), so ask your clients, promote your client’s businesses or your own barn. Advertise your summer camp then take the banner home and hang it on your mailbox. Lots of good ideas and they are full color banners. Send in your photograph with specific spelling of everything to by May 27th. Also we have the barn or business banners for $100 that will hang above the box seat area, so let your barn or business be seen and support the show. No artwork needed for this banner, just let us know what you want on your banner.
We are always here for you, this is our summer fun weekend, so if there is anything we can do for you let us know! We want everyone to have a relaxing time and enjoy showing their horses at Grand Oaks. The Winner’s Circle will be there starting Thursday morning for all your supplies and they have a surplus of good used saddles that David will bring. You can always call Mary Jo or I with any questions you may have.
We cant wait to see you all next month,
Mary Jo Schmidt | 813-785-7433 |
Pam Roush | 813-765-7162 |
2017 WCM Open Schooling Show posted by on May 11, 2017

Sunday, May 21, 2017 at 10:00 am at West Coast Morgans in Odessa, Florida

Come one, come all to the 2017 West Coast Morgans Open Schooling Show! This year’s show will be officiated by Ms. Conky Price, a USEF R Morgan judge. Using UPHA Chapter 16 Academy Rules for all classes, there will be no suits or derbies and all breeds are welcome.

Download a Class List

Download an entry and sponsorship form

2017 Saddle & Bridle Classes

2017 WCM SS 13- Pattern

SESHA 2017 SS 14+ Pattern

SESHA 2017 Hunt Pattern

SESHA 2017 Western Pattern

The 2017 AMHA Convention Report posted by on March 30, 2017
by Tami Johnson, FMHA President
Mission Inn Riverside

The beautiful rotunda at the Mission Inn Riverside

The 2017 AMHA Annual Convention in the historic and beautiful Mission Inn & Spa in Riverside, California was chock full of history, useful information and the underlying idea that our equine industry is definitely on the rise in many ways.

One of the most popular lectures was provided by renown Animal Communicator, Lydia Hiby. Not only filled with stories of closure, compassion and discovery, Lydia offered practical advice on how to better understand the emotional and physical needs of our furry friends. Lydia reminded all of us that we should listen with our eyes as well as our ears, and to think positive—picture and think what you want to accomplish or what you want your animal partner to do, and don’t thwart your success with thoughts of failure. Open your mind and let your animals communicate with you was her strongest point.
Arthur Perry Jr.

Morgan legend Arthur Perry Jr. participated in the Awards Luncheon fashion show sporting his famous Rose Bowl Parade attire.

One of her most interesting animal stories was a call from a concerned owner of a boa constrictor who had refused to eat. Lydia visualized the snake in an aquarium. then saw in her mind blue satin sheets. She immediately smelled paint, and after asking the owner where such a smell could be coming from, she discovered her roommate had painted a rock with nail polish, and the smell was making the snake sick.

There were also several well attended seminars providing insight into the different levels of developing, growing and maintaining lesson programs, right through to the advanced levels. Lecturers included Jamie and Becky Gruenberg of Stone Ledge Farm, Susan Haberek of Fire Run Farm, Ann Miller of Miller Equestrian Services and Ann Speck of Ride RDM. These astute and successful instructors and trainers enlightened, shared their positive stories and handed out many great new ideas to attendees.

The very popular farm tours at this year’s convention were well attended by all. Visits to Miller Equestrian Services, Sterling Hill, Majestic Farms, Wallen West Farms and Rushton Stables. The visit to Rushton’s included a very entertaining mini-horse show with three drivers who had never driven before, as well as riding and driving lessons with trainers stepping out of their comfort zones for the crowd. World Champion western pleasure trainer Rick Gervasio learned to drive the right way with Gerry Rushton in the buggy seat with him, and World Champion English pleasure trainer Eric Antman learned the finer points of western pleasure in a lesson from Rick.

Mission Inn Riverside

The beautiful interior views of the Mission Inn


The AMHA/World Morgan Futurity Stallion Service Auction was beautifully presented in one of the courtyards of the Mission Inn. With video and photo shows presented by the talented CA Lee III, we all thrilled to the enthusiastic bidding of both the attending audience as well as the telephone bidders. Certainly the healthy bids on the top ten stallions were a great window to the future of breeding in Morgan Horses. Topping the auction was a tie between two World Champion sires, Graycliff Tony GCH and Dragonsmeade Axios at $5,000 each. Both stallions are World Champions themselves and have now sired youngsters following in their footsteps. At $5,000, they provided a sure sign that our breeding industry is on the rise. Tied for second were two more World Champions who are as yet unproven in the breeding shed, at $3,100 each, current World Champion Stallion and World Champion English Pleasure horse Merriehill After Hours GCH and the exciting young son of Graycliff Tony, Jake Ryan, were impressive in their bidding draws. The third highest stallion was the incomparable Minion Millennium at $3,000. Rounding out the top five (which was actually eight) were Dragonsmeade Icon and Get Busy at $2,600, followed by JW Standing Tall at $2,550.

It was good to see the AMHA Annual Members Meeting well attended. The meeting was called to order by Jeff Gove, our outgoing president. Notable at this meeting was the changeover from our previous AMHA Regions that gave us many headaches as we tried to remember which Region number we were in, to a very simple three Region system: Western, Central and Eastern. This change took place in October of 2015 and this year’s AMHA election was the first to make the adjustment. Three Directors were elected from each of the three Regions.

Our Eastern Region includes Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia, including South America, Europe and Africa. This largest region as of the end of October 2015 included 2,664 U.S. members and 63 from outside the U.S.

The Central Region includes Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas and Winsconsin and includes 1,950 members as of the end of 2015.

The Western Region includes Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming, and also includes Asia, Australia, Antarctica, Canada and New Zealand with 1,320 U.S. members and 103 outside of the U.S.

The new Regional Directors elected were chosen for staggered terms of 3/2/1 years, so as to begin a rotation process going forward. (See all new divisions and more information on Results of the election as follows:

Eastern Region

  • 3 – Tony Lee
  • 2 – Kate Kirsch
  • 1 – Karen Marlin

Central Region

  • 3 – Victoria Bennett
  • 2 – Harlan Grunden
  • 1 – Kristen Breyer

Western Region

  • 3 – Carol Fletcher Churchill
  • 2 – Mari Sanderson
  • 1 – Linnea Sidi

Subsequently, after the annual meeting, the new board elected Vicki Bennett President of the AMHA.

Finance report: In addition to the changes in representation by moving to three larger regions, the AMHA Directors have been changed to 9 year term limits, with nomination requirements leveled out.

For eight consecutive months we’ve had positive gains in all areas of the registry, including registrations, color coats, DNA, transfers, etc. All transactions were up. We’re on a roll! Positive trend has continued first two months of this year.

The Young Adult Alliance report was presented by our new Executive Director, Carrie Mortensen. Highlights included the awarding of the judging school scholarship to Jordan Cusamano. The YAA also did trivia night at two shows, and hosted a horse protection act meeting at the Grand National.

AMHAY: Aline Bodine was our Youth of the Year out of a large group—16 under 13 juniors in the judging contest, and 26 participants in the AMHA/UPHA learning center at OKC. Badges were earned, and the 2016 USEF Youth Sportsman Award was won by our own Alexandra Ferris, identifying her as a potential future leader in the equine industry. Lexie is a fourth generation horsewoman from Ispwich, MA and is an 18 year old senior in high school with an admirable GPA. We are very proud of Lexie’s accomplishments and recognition with the USEF.

USEF was well represented at our convention, with CEO Bill Moroney and Lori Nelson, Senior Director, National Affliliate, Competition & Alliance Partner Relationships presenting at seminars as well as giving us a great overview during our annual meeting. They have recently launched a new website, began implementing a new strategic plan, the first they’ve had in 10 years. It launched a new direction for the organization based on customer service, which happens to be a directive of the AMHA as well. Part of the process at the USEF Annual meeting was the senior staff team got up and told membership on what they did on a day to day basis and how much they do, especially their people behind the scenes. 2017 will focus on implementation of phase 2, which includes a valuable learning center on the new website. The board approved the plan and invested in their own organization for the first time and set aside reserves to grow our sport, and by the beginning of January they hope to include a learning center with 50 videos (35 went live recently, more are being added constantly), new internal processes, and are now finishing “getting our house in order” plans. One of the underlying themes of the USEF presentation was that we have to get our policies and procedures in order and need to be transparent and we need to follow them.

USEF regarding the USDF Horse Protection Act: The final ruling was put in limiting the breeds that the new regulations affected to racking horses and TN walking horses. They removed spotted saddle horses and road horses. A question came up in final ruling that they had used a small r and small h in Racking Horses (designating a breed as opposed to racking gait). They came back, confirmed and made the correction. They also filed this very close to the change of administration in Washington, so the new administration is holding these regulations in the HPA, now put on hold for further review. But there were two additions that we’ve heard caveats moving forward, and they are looking for confirmation. For every one new regulation coming forward, they will need to remove two regulations. If it has a financial impact, when they remove the two regulations to let this go forward, they will have no change in finances going forward. So this may impact us. It may stay as is, which effects TN Walking horses, Racking Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses and some Road horses.

USEF was thrilled that the USDA noted the federation’s efforts to self-regulation and oversight and the expertise that we’ve applied. It’s very important to let the public know and understand that USEF exists and that we are designated as the experts in the equestrian events in the U.S. and is recognized by the federal government through Ted Stevens Sports Act. We are recognized as great guardians of safety of humans and animals in our sport, which is a great tool to build consumer confidence, which grows our industry.

USEF also met with American Horse Council (now headed by former AMHA Executive Director Julie Broadway), which is important because they have not communicated well with them before. They have 5-6 initiatives they would like to see move forward. One of them is the transportation of horses nationally and internationally. The regulations from Canada to U.S. are much stronger than European horses going back and forth. A global entry system for horses needs to be built.

They also announced that a Depro Provera workshop is being held on March 13 in Orlando, FL. (Medication) This is being used in some breeds and disciplines to make mares less aggressive when they are in season. The normal dosage is 5cc once every 28 days, and provides the same effect as keeping them on regumate. It’s not actually an equine medication, it was developed for women. Now they’re using it on geldings and stallions to control their dispositions. In mares, Depro Provera does not interrupt estrus. However, it does appear to modify behavior in the same way regumate does. A question posed was why stallions and geldings? Now it’s being used outside of original intention. A vial is being given 2-3x week in H/J. Done a lot of research, scientists, veterinarians, trainers, etc. are going to be at this workshop. Definitely something to watch in the future.

The train the trainers meeting (western) had a short discussion on supplements. The USEF’s position on supplements is that you should go into them with caution. We don’t know what’s in them. Feel free to call the USEF office and read the ingredients off the container, and they will tell you if they’re all approved and safe. But they cannot guarantee that a supplement doesn’t have something in it that’s not on the label, so be careful!

They described an incident where they had an exhibitor send in a tube of a supplement to check and one of the ingredients had a trademark, with a TM, so it didn’t have the ingredients of that item listed. It’s a proprietary “secret” ingredient and they will not tell you what’s in it. Therefore, we don’t know whether it’s approved or not. The moral of this story is Don’t use supplements with proprietary ingredients!

When you call the USEF Drugs & Medication office, they will ask for your name. It’s to make a log book to know when the calls come in. They verify that you called to ask about something.

Lori Nelson, Senior USEF Director, noted our tagline, “Bring the joy of horse sports to as many people as possible”. We have a great partner in the horse. One of the significant pieces of the strategic plan is the Learning Center. There are a lot of videos, they will be working with AMHA to produce Morgan videos. Everyone should login to USEF and look at the ones now available. The hope is that they will draw in horse enthusiasts and will promote different breeds in the videos. We have 122,000 USEF members and our exposure is great outside of our breed.

USEF has a significant social media presence. They have a very aggressive marketing team and they need lots of “feed” for the social media. and also need content for magazine, so they requested that we send them great stories, news and information whenever possible. They have gone to a quarterly magazine, and are working on calendar for next year.

As a result of their partnership with AMHA, on the national side USEF provides grants related to memberships. They are giving a grant to AMHA every year based on the number of people who select Morgan as their primary breed in membership. Our Morgan Youth candidate, Lexie Ferris, won out of 19 youth USEF members from all breeds represented in 2016, and as the winner gets $1,000 grant towards education, and AMHA gets $1,500 toward youth programs.

Saddle Seat Team: USEF took over the team in 2011, and they’ve had ASB, Morgan and Arabian members on the teams. Two teams will compete in April. The 2018 SS WC selection criteria will be released soon.

Competition Light is something USEF has talked about for years. A different type of competition structure for shows that are not currently USEF affiliated, the criteria is less restrictive than full USEF shows. The prize list is looser, and learner judges can work at these shows, stewards might be able to do these shows and get credit—it’s a work in progress. They are working with AMHA on this template. They might be able to have a show that has Competition Light for Morgans and none for ASB. They are also working with ASB for the same thing.

There are a lot of things going on with driving lately and Morgans are really excited about it. They want to promote driving more. Media people are looking toward the competitions. They’re shopping ads around to driving magazines.

USEF Network is open for business and is currently livestreaming popular events across all breeds. If you have an event you want streamed, contact their marketing department. They’re looking for content.

Microchips: USEF is currently looking into registering microchips for identifying our horses. DO NOT USE CHIPS THAT START WITH 900 (there are duplicates in this group).

AMHA feels like with Bill and Lori they have a true partner in USEF. All in all, it was great news in spades from our horse show and events governing organization.

Our new Executive Director, Carrie Mortensen, returned to give us an overview of activities at the AMHA.

2016 Choices, Chances & Change
AMHA is currently working on a new software transition and is planning to go live in July. There are lots of positive accomplishments over the past year, including major registry and magazine growth. Carrie distributed a listing significant member and Morgan accomplishments from 2016 and the list is impressive! Our Youth of the Year program has grown. Our Champions title program has had increased in participation. Last year, 36 promotional grants were awarded.

AMHA has several new projects in 2017:

The Day of the Morgan
Ohio had a great open barn day across the state, which was organized by Sandy Sessink. We are going to try to do this on a national scale this year. AMHA will support Sandy’s effort and this is currently in the works and information is available on the AMHA website. There is a sign up sheet there and October is the target month. There will be press releases, media kids, materials to download and print, etc. Watch the FMHA Facebook page and website for more information on our plans to support this great month of Morgan promotion!

Carrie also noted that AMHA has a number of affinity sponsors and there are great discounts to be had by members. Call the office for more information, or read about them on the website.

Awards noted at the annual meeting included:

AMHA Club of the Year: Wisconsin Morgan Horse Club, Reserve: Arizona Morgan Horse Club

Local Newsletter of the Year: Missouri Valley Morgan Horse Club, Reserve: Cornerstone Morgan Horse Club

National Newsletter of the Year: Rainbow Morgan Horse Assn

Club Promoter Award Recipient: Mary E. Brown & Curtis J. Merritt of the Sacramento Valley Morgan Horse Club

This was a fabulous convention and I encourage all AMHA members to consider planning their attendance for next year’s event in Lexington, Kentucky on February 13-17th!

Support the Ronald McDonald House at Citrus Cup! posted by on March 24, 2017

Ronald McDonald HouseThe Florida Morgan Horse Association is pleased to announce that we have chosen The Ronald McDonald House of Gainesville as the charitable recipient for the 2017 Citrus Cup horse show. The show will be held in Newberry at the Canterbury show grounds, April 5th thru 8th.

We are asking show participants and guests to collect the travel size toiletries from their hotel rooms and to bring other items from the request list found on the Ronald McDonald House website at

Ronald McDonald House charities provides families with housing while they deal with the illnesses of their children. Your donations can help during the stressful times these families face.

Collection boxes will be set up in the barns during the show.

Please feel free to donate other needed items, including laundry soap, sponges, coffee, stamps, canned meats, mac and cheese, white copy paper and dryer sheets.

Thanks and have a great show!